Plastic around roof

Does anyone know why the roofer had the roof covered in plastic ? This is not a new roof

More than likely it’s Tyvek roofing underlayment that wasn’t trimmed properly.


He was keeping his lunch under there ???

It looks like they put it under the trim also.
It looks like he invited his buddies over.


Empty cans as flashing no doubt.


Ok, this is what I think. There was no sensible building practice for this to be there. In fact, I think they had this plastic attached to the gable for another purpose. That trim piece was used to attach the plastic to the side of the building. Possibly a make shift green house roof or anything else your might need temporary plastic for. Then, they just cut it off.


That seems the most likely. Maybe a redneck carport or storage place for a boat.

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Yup, looks like something I would never do down here if I were if I were to sand down my bass boat for fiberglass repair, replace the seats and put in new deck carpet :innocent:

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How did the wood look under it?? How was the rake edge??

Why not? Back in the day, we used soup cans to make exhaust repairs on cars, Lol.

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Did this extend for the entire roof or just the edges?

Heinz tomato always had the best sound.


Looks like synthetic felt or house wrap they forgot to cut off. Also looks like 2 layers of drip edge.

Rain protection when they did the stucco? But who cares, does not affect form fit or function, just ugly.

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