Platon dimpled membrane

it would not have cost much to apply a thick mastic, roofing cement on all foundation walls BEFORE slapping that dimp-membrane on, one goes to all that trouble to build shit and the costs yet just about all do NOT bother to apply a thick mastic n backfill correctly, snooze ya lose

Unreal. Another job done half fast Mark to keep you in business. I thought he was going to hold his little pinky up there for a second. LOL
I have used that product before, but as just a drainage board and protection for the bituthene 4000

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Marcel, yeah lol have zero problem with anyone who wants to use it, especially if they are going to backfill with equipment, again as you know lol they should apply thick mastic first

I watched this guy when he was doing the form a drain footers, They looked like garbage, he’s a contractors worst nightmare.

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