Play Station Move Vs. Xbox Kinect

I am considering one of these and am looking for opinions from those who have them.

How accurate is the kinect way of controlling games?
Better than the WII or similar? I have a wII and it does not seem all that accurate. any ole move seems to do the trick.

Example WII guns are useless to use by the sights. so all the gun frame add ones are of no use if you want to actually aim with the sights provided on the frames.

Is the PlayStation Move controller different than the WII in accuracy and the way it works?

Anyone exercising with either? If so What do you recommend?

Greetings Sir :slight_smile:
My wonderful family and I have PS3 and the Kinect. We find that with the Kinect we ACTUALLY have to do something and it responds (much better for exercise)!! We soooooo enjoy that!!! We don’t have a Wii but have talked to people about it. That is why we have PS3. It all depends on the game one plays on either system.
We hoped this helped.
God bless you!

Thanks. I also currently have the ps3. Would you say you have to move more precisely for some moves or does any Ole movement get the job done.

I am looking for it to be accurate.

Example: If boxing I want it to know the difference between a hook and jab. Do you think it could do that well?

I think a hook hurts more.:stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure you got the milk?:roll:

Probably a lot more accurate than your Lenovo (that is when you get it…) :twisted::twisted::mrgreen:

“IF” I get it :slight_smile:

Xbox Kinect any day