Playlist for courses

hello and greetings to everybody in the inspection Community I like to introduce myself my name is Joe Cortez from Jose home inspections in Southern California. I would like to start with asking the community a question maybe they can help me I would like to know if not she provides the members with some form of playlist for the courses that they should a lineup for the shows to take while they’re taking their studies in becoming a home inspector. basically I would like to make myself a list more or less like a bucket list which one I should take first which one I should follow that one and which one to follow up that one and that one and that one and if I could prove when that into my dashboard that would be great because my dashboard got me directly to my next course. because I have to admit going through the Nike website with so many different opportunities in so many variables I kind of get lost in the website so this will be a great tool.

If you click on the internachi CPI certification link, that will give you a list, in order, of the fundamental courses. After that you could pick whatever subject you want to better your understanding of. I know California isn’t regulated (which boggles my mind), but you could also click on “state licensing” and just pick a state, that will give you more courses listed progressively.

Joseph, once you are a member, click on the “Get Started” link in the blue at the top of the page: