Please connect with me on LinkedIn. I have 8,000+ connections, most are inspectors.


As long as you continue to flood the Social Networks and this MB with CMI stuff, ain’t gonna happen.

Question: Why are you NOT doing this for InterNACHI? Members have been asking you for YEARS to do this. Why are we getting the short end of the stick?

CMI needs to be SEPERATED from InterNACHI completely.

That’s not even close to being true. Look at my last 100 Linkedin and Facebook posts.

95% of my FB posts are InterNACHI articles that have a “Find an Inspector” icon at the bottom of them. That icon is linked directly to which lists only InterNACHI members.

InterNACHI has it’s own FB page: which is 100% InterNACHI.

I have a CMI FB page but I only make CMI-related posts there and those add up to less than 2% of the posts I make on my personal FB page and the posts made on InterNACHI’s FB page.

Claim what you want. I know what I see when I go there to network with others.

If that’s what you believe, maybe you should just apply for your CMI?

If you haven’t noticed, I do ‘bid’ up to what I perceive to be the true value in most all CMI auctions. :neutral: