Please drink responsibly

. . . while celebrating my birthday this weekend.

Happy birthday Sir…but I’m making no promises…

No Ossifer… I Swwear… my lawyer made me do it!

Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday Joe, how’s it feel to turn 50?:mrgreen:

Tom Brady said… “Start Early … Get Lubed up”!:stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Joe. See you soon!

Happy Birthday Joe.

Happy Birthday Joe.

Happy Birthday Joe.

Get a designated driver. Have fun. Happy Birthday.

What day is it on?

Hic up

I mean happy B-day Joe

Happy Birthday Joe

Happy Birthday Joe.

Hmmm… seems that you’ve started drinking already. Isn’t your Birthday on Monday? That would be next week, not this weekend!!!

Oh, what the hell… Happy Birthday!!!

Yes. My birthday’s tomorrow.

There’s a movement afoot to make the third Monday in September the “official” national observation of my birthday but I am viscerally opposed to this. It would be like making Independence Day the First Monday in July.

I mean, c’mon.

Have a Good one, Joe…!

I turned 60 on the 9th, and I am still drinking…well, I wish I was still 20 and able to.

I know Joe can put’em down.