Please explain this panel

I can’t figure out what/why this panel is wired like this.

This is an older commercial ground floor retail store with 3 phase power servicing the building. This was the only panel I could find (I did not have complete access of the entire building). This panel was located in the utility closet near the AC air handler for the retail space. The only electrical requirements for the space were lighting, receptacles, AC air handler and condenser. I am guessing that the conductors connected on the load side of the fuse are for the air handler and condenser?? but who knows?

Why would there be two service feeds connected to one fused circuit? Did the other fuse blow and this was a quick fix instead of buying a new one? But what is the second feed really doing anyway?

The panel/circuits don’t appear to be grounded at all. Am I right?

Are all the conductors incorrectly color coded just about everywhere?

What else?

Those fuses have been bypassed.

Call it out for correction by a qualified electrician.

I would explain it as a complete mess. It looks like the three white conductors coming from the bottom are the feed to the line side of the switch and the double lugged conductors below the fuses are the load conductors. They would mean that load conductors still could be protected by the fuses, but that only a guess from the photo. Does this building have a three phase supply? Could be that the 3 white conductors were once a three phase supply to the switch.

I believe this is how it was, and someone moved them over after the fuse blew.

I thought so too, but they need to do something on the other end with that white conductor (that was presumably on the left) unless it’s on the same phase as the white conductor in the center. If not…boom.

How do I know if they are on the same phase. Assuming it’s a 3 phase service (which it is) how could they be on the same phase?

If the three white conductors are fed from a 3 phase system and two of the whites are now connected together I think that you would have a problem. The two connected together would have to be on the same phase or you would have a dead short between two phases.