Please explain....

The wiring to the 15 amp breakers in this subpanel doesn’t seem right. What is a good way to explain?
The 100 amp breaker is fed from a 60 amp breaker at the main panel.

HPIM1394 (Small).JPG

HPIM1392 (Small).JPG

Interesting non-compliant use of a 3 pole disconnect. Tap rule violation. Two conductors in a lug designed for one. Plenty enough to say it ain’t right and write it up.

I see copper and aluminium under the same lug on the backpan.

Where is the aluminum? I see the copper.

Just curious, the call out is well justified.

I put a yellow stripe down the middle of all the aluminium conductors, for clarity:

Thanks. Kinda hard to see it from the picture.

Fruitcake electrician or Johnny on the Spot handyman

Appreciate the input - Al