Please HELP Defeat SB 2234 and HB 1399

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Here is one way we can look past the differences in our associations and work together for the betterment of our profession, I am confidant you will all do the right thing.

Please Defeat SB 2234 and HB 1399

Thanks Joe, letter sent.

Letter sent.


Thanks Joe.


Governor is the last hope!

Jay did you write your own letter.

Absolutely. I also provided the Governor detailed info as to why it should not be supported.

I am just wondering what everyone considers wrong with this bill since it has an effective date of 7-1-2010?


Everyone has to do 120 hrs. Corporate Vail Violations, Sunrise Act Violations.

more to follow…

2010 - Shoots the consumer protection theory all to hello, doesn’t it?

We all know that it has never been about consumer protection.

Are you guys still slamming Brett Rayman with e-mails too? I think if we make as much noise about how much we do not approve of this bill, we may still have a shot. If you are not sending at least 10 e-mails a day you are slacking. I want to know that we are all doing this full throttle. Any other suggestions on what else can be done?

NO, the Governors approval or veto is not the “only hope.”

If passed by the FL Congress and signed (or ignored) by the Governor, this “bill” has so many violations, there must be legal injunctions placed on it.

For once, forget the “cost factor” regarding seeking legal representation. It can, and will, be handled accordingly. And besides, I am sure there are Attorneys who enjoy feasting of State violations.

We can start a fund to finance fighting this Bill. There are enough Fl NACH members to raise the funds for legal help, if it comes down to that.

Good luck with that.

We have sent our email and letters also to defeat SB 2234 and HB 1399.
Good Luck to all OF US.
I salso have an office in Miami and some of my graduated student (Home Inspectors and NACHI Members) move to miami.
Soooooooo you can count on us for support.

Thank you.

Well done congratulations for all the work put forth .
Roy Cooke

Defeat of Missouri HB 978 laudedby: jbushartUpdated: 2007-05-03 16:49:11-05To the editor:

On behalf of the Missouri Chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I would like to extend our gratitude to the many citizens who recognized and acted upon the threat that the Missouri Association of Realtors posed by its recent attempt to control home inspectors by legislation that would put its members in control over who would be and who would not be allowed to be licensed as a home inspector in this state.

As home inspectors, we recognize that not all real estate salespeople will do anything and everything to get a sale. Some are very honest and professional folks. Still, it is very important to the person who is looking to buy a house to know that the inspector they hire to inspect the home has no interest at all in its sale.and is not influenced, directly or indirectly, by anyone who is. With the commissions that are earned by real estate salesmen and brokers in the area of $18,000.00 to $25,000.00 for many of the homes being sold in this state, a home buyer needs to have a disinterested third party — a home inspector with nothing to lose or gain in the sale — to advise them as to the actual condition of the property they are looking to buy.

Some members of the Missouri Association of Realtors, still smarting over the unexpected failure of HB 978 to become law, have promised a more vigorous and better funded effort to bring another bill to the legislature in the next session. I am confident that the citizens of our great state will, once again, rise to the occasion and ensure that their home inspections remain free from the conflict of interest that some would prefer that they have.

James H. Bushart,
President, Missouri Chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
St. Louis, MO Go Back

With any luck, Roy, the good inspectors of Florida will be thanking their citizens for the same thing in the days to come.

Looks to me like the time for testing is at hand.:p:p:p

I wish you all luck in your endevers though.:slight_smile: