please help identifying this pest

Dear members;
can you please help identify this pest? these were found both under a potted plant and under a sofa chair following sightings of what appear to be centipedes. Thank you.
regards, Patrick

It would help to know where you are located, and any other useful info you have.

Not a WDI Pest…
Recommend General Pest Control Treatment of the Home due to the physical presence of insects…

Centipedes, often enter home after a hard rain, might want to also check for drainage problems (gutters etc.)

They may be millipedes rather than centipedes. Millipedes curl up as they die…originating from the outside from rotting leaves…grass…wood…etc

Andrew Constantine
InspectPro Home Inspections
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I go with Millipede as well…


In my South East Florida area we call them Millipedes.

Pretty easily controlled with insecticide and they will kill your grass “I Think” if not treated.

My grass seems to do better after treatment but it may be killing some other critter I do not know about.