Please help me identify vermin droppings

Can someone help me identify these droppings.

They are too big to be mice droppings.

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rats just a guess

That’s what I was thinking, but I want to be sure.

Doesn’t it kind of look like a cocoon??? several different types noted,
Unless thats one of those NY RATS that made it to your neck of the woods?

cocconn pics.jpg

If all else fails tastes it, or smell it

Looks Good Brian

I have not sent the sample yet Troy. :wink:

I will expect it soon:) I send you our classic moose poop:shock:

So it’s RAT SHI+.

Thanks, Brian.

Can you identify human fecus as well?

I found myself at an inspection once with an acquantence who owns a Pest control company. He and I got into the attic and were shooting the breeze. I happen to see some droppings on top of the AC trunk line duct and asked him how to tell the difference. He came over and said that the way to tell its rat crap is that it will have a tiny taper on one end almost like a hair. He said if it didn’t have that and was in an attic most likely it was a squirrel (round on both ends). I could not resist the opportunity to tell him he really knew his sh_t. He said he hears that all the time.

So rats leave a taper and squirrels round them off…Hmmmmmm.

So I’m looking at squirrel shi+ ???

Speaking of droppings, I did not get as close as you Dave, but my guess is pigeon?..:shock:

Verbally yes.

Quite a few good examples on this message board, many of them mine. :wink:

Pit bull and Doberman will have buttons, zippers and pieces of cloth in it.

Tree rats or sewer rats.
What’s the difference?

Ive heard that squirrels are just rats with a publicist.

I wish you people wouls stop talking so much SH1T!!!

That’s rat poop. I use to work with them everyday back in my days of animal testing. Watch out here comes PETA:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: