Please help nominate a list of non-member message board users for unmoderated status.

IT wants a list of people who regularly post on this message board, but who are not members of InterNACHI.

The purpose is to grant them “unmoderated” status like members have so that they can post freely and have their posts appear instantly.

I’ll start off by nominating Scott Patterson and Mike O’Handley.

Any others?

I know there are several non-members who regularly contribute to the technical forums. Does anyone know their names?

Mike Whitt and Jim Port come to mind…


Our Arcitect Richard H.
Sorry forgot his last name.

Wouldn’t checking the archives of postings help?:slight_smile:

How about Mr. John Bubber, our foundation waterproofer?

Keep them coming. I’ll have IT give them all “unmoderated” status tomorrow. Isn’t there some electrician non-member who posts regularly?

Mike and Jim in post #3 are electricians.

Richard Hetzel
Chuck Lambert
Mark Thorman

Marc Shunk and Speedy Petey were helpful in the past

This is great idea Nick.

Is this limited to non home inspectors?

I believe some of the above are working home inspectors.

I nominate Kevin Pierce. And give him access to the NFE forum for ****es and giggles. :mrgreen:

Michael, no it is open to anybody who contributes constructively.

I’ll get a list over to IT tomorrow afternoon so that these nominees can then post instantly.

Will you be calling for a list of members who should be moved to “moderated” status?:wink:

Sorry - had to ask.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Nick I hope you are not serious in wanting O’Handjob to post here as he has the most heavily moderated board on the internut.

He has me banned for a long time for the simple act of objecting to his NACHI bashing.

Caoimhín P. Connell was very knowledgeable and had great posts up until moderation

You’re missing Nick’s motive Bob. He enjoys a good throw down every once in a while, especially with Mike O. and Scott P. when he can throw in a bunch of “diploma mill” slams (rightfully so IMO). Do you think it’s a coincidence that this is happening right after the semi-long thread where Mike’s and Scott’s posts were lagging? He’s got the perfect excuse though because almost everyone agrees that the “constructive” posters should be unmoderated.

OK. Here is the list I’ll submit to IT:

Scott Patterson
Mike O’Handley
Mike Whitt
Jim Port
John Bubber
Richard Hetzel
Chuck Lambert
Mark Thorman
Marc Shunk
Speedy Petey
Kevin Pierce
Caoimhin P. Connell

Any others?

Thank you…

Too bad he helps lawyers sue home inspectors for just trying to help their clients. But at least he did admit that he is a parasite on this very message board.