Please, I need a PIC of something for our new Handrails for Home Inspectors course.

I need a pic for a new, free, online course we are building called Handrails for Home Inspectors.

The PIC I’m looking for is a deck stair handrail that has a piece of 4" 5/4 laying flat over the top of it (very often done). It is not “gripable” easily.

If you have this pic… or any other pics of handrails please email them to me at

I’ll credit you on the last page of the course.


This may not work for what you want.


Hi Nick,

not quite what your looking for but in that area




Is this what you’re looking for? You said a deck stair handrail right?


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Here are some that I’ll email:

railing not grabbable 001 (Small).jpg

railing not grabbable 002 (Small).jpg

railing not grabbable 003 (Small).jpg

Just an FYI, I love the idea for this course. A simple check, which an oversight can result in serious injury to your client. Just if can ask for something to add, can you address the issue of ‘continuous handrail’ top to bottom.



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Nick, does this one work?

Handrail grip, open risers, and open side, everything detrimental to little kids.


Thought I would add this in case it helps.

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