Please join me in congratulating Frank Magdefrau, our first CMI in Mississippi.

Frank has over 2,000 inspections under his belt.

Congratulations Frank!

Frank congratulations!

Congrats Frank.


Way to go, Frank…congratulations!

Nice going Frank, and congratulations on your CMI. :):smiley:

Congratulaions, Frank.

Congrats Frank!!

Thanks to everyone. After 8 years I thought is was time to give myself a promotion.

Congrats Frank, This is one of my Long term goals as well.

Now write on your profile, business cards, truck etc the letters CMI !

congrats frank

Nice going Frank. Congratulations

Good job frank…keep on learnin’


And happy birthday on top of it Frank!

Congrats Frank Best wishes.


well done brother!

Congratulations Frank.

Get that Logo up if not done yet.(checking):slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Frank! \:D/\:D/

Congratulations, Frank!!!