Please join me in welcoming industry leader Mark Cramer to InterNACHI.

Welcome Mark. It is an honor to have you as a fellow InterNACHI member.

Who is Mark Cramer?

Russell asks

ASHI President.

Welcome Mark.

Mark gave me a couple of ride alongs when I was new.

He’s a class act and has done much for our profession.

Welcome Mark, good to see you here.

Welcome Mark.
Will you be adding a NACHI logo to your site?

Don’t pay too much attention to Bob, he’s got “issues”. Just buy him a drink if you meet him.:wink:

Linus stop smoking that stuff and stalking.

Welcome Mark. You should join Nachi Management

Welcome Mark

Hi Mark

Welcome Mark.

Welcome Mark.

Welcome Mark! Glad you are here. I got my start back in '03 with Mark. :smiley:

:slight_smile: Welcome Mark ! :slight_smile:

Merge :roll: ?

Welcome Mark!

Will the last inspector leaving A$HI please turn the lights out.

Welcome, Mark…

Welcome Mark. This is a fine bunch of guys, for the most part:)