Please join me in welcoming InterNACHI's first Egyptian member.

Mr. Amr. Mohamed Fathalla Hassan from Cairo, Egypt.

Welcome Amr!

So…when will we see Kenton and Ben teaching us how to inspect a pyramid?

Welcome, Amr.

Thank you guys, I am really happy to be a member of InterNachi. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Amr

Welcome sir.

Welcome to iNACHI Mr. Amr. Mohamed Fathalla Hassan.

Welcome Abord,

To the best HI association in the USA…

Welcome Amr. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Amr

Good to have you with us Amr

Welcome Amr!!
I’m from Cyprus originally and have visited your beautiful country on several occasions! (Mostly Cairo and Giza)


Welcome to the wonderful world of InterNACHI!!!

Welcome Amr! If you ever need anything regarding the association, please call or email me anytime!

Hello, Amr! Welcome to the best outfit on the planet! It’s awesome to see InterNACHI’s global reach!

Welcome Amr and you need to teach us on building techniques from over there in Egypt:):smiley:

Welcome Amr. Hope you post often here.

Amr welcome

Salam Alekhem and mahrbruk Amr…

Amr, Welcome