Please join me in welcoming Michael Casey and Kevin O'Malley to InterNACHI's staff.

Michael and Kevin are going to be training our inspection instructors.

Welcome fellas.


Russell, you have a problem with Michael and Kevin?

Of course I do. Look at their site its ASHI this and ASHI that. Not a single mention of NACHI. So now ASHI is going down the toilet, they jump ship and come here. What about all those well rounded and knowledgeable people who promoted YOU and your organization all these years? I am just a loyalist when it comes to these things. I support those who support me.

These guys were never NACHI people and now they want to be. Glad I didn’t sign up for the instructor thingy. Was thinking of it, then I saw you allowed those AAA schools. That was a HUGE no no for me.

You promoted this as a way INSPECTORS can make a difference and a way to HELP inspectors. I see now its just another revenue avenue for you to get SCHOOLS to screw the inspector. Just not what you portrayed it to be.

Look at their site and tell me what have this guys done for NACHI and its members and now they are to be treated like royalty?..You can kiss their a ss, I sure am not…

Get Marcel, Abernathy and the likes of them to do the jobs. Those who have been WITH YOU for YEARS and made you what you are today…

They aren’t the only ones. I feel like InterNACHI has become the RMS Carpathia. LOL!

Just wrong, and you know it. This teaching and other items I thought was intended to help INACHI members? I mean a way for the MEMBERS to get some other avenues of income. I guess its all about the money with you…sad, just when I think your gonna do the right thing…its always about you and the money and keeping your croonies happy…

I like these guys. They do a good job putting on the Inspector Conference in Vegas. It’s well run and the education was pretty good.

Welcome, my fellow ASHI brothers.

Just what we need, more fast track schools for newbies in this already saturated market

Nope. Advanced education. We’re focusing on commercial inspections.

Good instructors will be good for NACHI regardless of where they come.
These guys are among the best anywhere.

I am all for education. Just why did you not use the people who have supported you all these years? Why did you bring in “Outsiders”? Why do you have to stroke your own and these tools ego so much? Why not help YOUR OWN? There is a TON of talent out there and you overlook them to help these two? Dan Bowers a strong grasp of inspecting who is in a huge down market. Marcel…wealth of knowledge who I think can use a break due to a horrible market. Why do you turn your back on them?

You know I have seen much in my life and when I was in Melbourne I was kind of excited to see you in action. The great Nick Gromicko the defender of the inspector. And like you I see much of what goes on when I am not directly looking. What did I see? You asking people for WEEKS to go eat dinner with them and hang out. What did you do? Sat at the table with these tools and never talked to your members until, what, about midnight? Do you guys need to stroke each others egos that much? You did it NICK…you grew the biggest home inspection organization in the world! Congrats! Now help those people who got you where you are at today.

I had the joy of being by the side of what I would consider some of the worlds greatest leaders and one of them being Colin Powell. When he wanted the pulse of the people he talked to the PEOPLE. When he went to functions he sat and talked with those who would not typically have the opportunity to do so. He didn’t sit with other high generals and talked about how great they were…thats for a different time and a different place. But then again, they received respect because of who they were. I got a glimpse of what you were…sitting at that table when about 30 of your members were sitting at the bar, kinda sad how you ignored them…But O’Malley and the Inspection Depot Owner were more important that your members, and your actions validate that thought.

I too would like to see Russell’s issues addressed. How about it?

See how they love NACHI…or maybe they don’t even mention it ONCE…Nice…

Russell, you have it backwards again. I wasn’t “socializing” with Russell Buchanan, Mike Rowan, or Kevin O’Malley. I don’t take them fishing or to a ball game. If you would have come over to our table, you would have realized that the projects we were working on were most definitely for the benefit of InterNACHI members, most of whom I have no way of recognizing in public.

You may have been at the bar, but my day wasn’t over yet. I was still at work, as I am tonight.

I have not always agreed with Nick’s choices…nor he, with mine…but in 8 years of active participation I have never known him to pass over any resource (no matter how vile or unpopular) to advance this organization, and he has succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations.

ASHI is dying and the fleas are looking for another dog. Among the 2600 or so fleas, Nick will find and use a few that can help members be better inspectors.

ASHI and NAHI certainly suck, as organizations…and these people did little to keep ASHI afloat…but if ASHI had Nick at the helm, it would be passing us up at the same speed that it is presently sinking.

When the cards have been dealt and the hand is being played…the wise man will put his money on Nick. NACHI is not an accident.

Accident or not…it was built on the backs of others…who could use an alternative avenue of income due to the economic conditions and yet he decides to turn his back on them for the good of people who promote ASHI…

See it your way, I see it mine. I prefer to be loyal to those who get me where I am today. I truely believe you forget the core, you will eventually lose. These guys never were the core and never promoted NACHI…and now they get to reap benefits so many worked for…Just my opinion is all.

I could not agree with you more…NACHI is not an accident. But was O’Malley and Casey there when it was in its infancy? From their site I would say NOPE…So for those who were here, screw you? Nice…

Not at all, but by this exact post I can see you never asked them neither…Nice…They were EXAMPLES…not definites. Did you ASK them? Nick its your world…Nothing I can do…Have Meeker teach the classes for all I care. Congrats on baching ASHI and then kissing their As s

I have just been informed that in the next day or so, Brian Hannigan will be taking down the old Casey and O’Malley website you found.