Please join me in welcoming Mr. Maricel Fianza, our first Philippines member.

Welcome Maricel!

Mabuhay Maricel…Maligayang pagdating sa NACHI

So LIke welcome to the club, eh? Hoser! ( spoken in ‘Canadain’)


Welcome Maricel!

Welcome Maricel!..if you need any help, call me collect, I’ll be on the next available flight-----:smiley:

The Phillipine Islands are close in contrast to Dale’s favorite R&R place (FIJI)

Welcome Maricel

Please begin posting.

Welcome Maricel!

Boracay & Palawan are two of my favorite places, especially for diving.

Welcome Maricel

[FONT=Arial]Today in New Hampshire it is about 16 degrees F. and the snow is up to our waists! [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]It is a beautiful winter wonderland! :p[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Those of us in the “Frozen North” welcome you!:nachi::nachi::nachi:[/FONT]

Welcome Maricel


Member James Eubank is flying down to the Phillipines from Colorado on Tuesday. I gave him your contact information.


Thank you everyone!:slight_smile: I will surely enjoy being a member of InterNACHI.

Special thanks to Nick.:|__)

Ahh…is that a kubo in Iloilo perhaps?

Hi Micheal, it is pretty amazing you know places here in the Philippines and can even speak Tagalog, or are you a Filipino too?

>> that’s a kubo in one of the places in Benguet.

No Maricel I am not Filipino, I just spent some time there in Manila, Makati and just outside Manila on the South Super Highway at Ayala Alabang. I was building a facility in a duty free zone and in my spare time I was lucky enough to be able to visit several beautiful parts of the Philippines and have really good memories of my time there (well, mostly good memories :slight_smile: ) and made several good friends while there. I’d love to go back to visit some time.