Please join me in welcoming our newest member from Budapest, Hungary, Zsolt Tassonyi.

Welcome to InterNACHI Zsolt.

Üdvözlöm Zsolt!

Welcome to iNACHI Zsolt.


Awesome & Wecome.


Welcome Zsolt! Glad to have you here!

Welcome Zsolt!

Show us some of the building traditions of the area when you get a chance. :slight_smile:

Yes welcome Zsolt , It would be great to see some of those old Homes and the differences


Someone posted a rumor over at the Inspector’s Journal that 2 Brazilian inspectors had joined InertNACHI, Mike O’Handley got real nervous and quired… “By the way, how many inspectors make up a Brazilian?” :-k:p:mrgreen:

Welcome Abord Zsolt! Glad to have you here! :smiley:

Üdvözöljük Zsolt!

Üdvözöljük Zsolt! Welcome to InterNACHI