Please join me in welcoming Texas inspection industry leader to InterNACHI...

I’d like to welcome Fred Willcox to InterNACHI. Fred has been a long time member of the the Texas Real Estate Inspectors Advisory Committee and has chaired the Standards of Practice subcommittee during the writing of the original standards of practice and during the recent revisions to the standards in Texas. Fred holds the very low TREC Professional Inspector # of 160.

Welcome Fred!

Welcome Fred,

NACHI is a great virtual organization with tons of great information. They also have a lot of wonderful CEU education classes. I know TREC is looking at education now. Perhaps you may be part of that. I hope TREC pays attention to the effort NACHI has extended.

NACHI is about the inspector first and the consumer benefits are a result. A win / win organization.

It will take you weeks to surf this site. It’s loaded with “how stuff works” information. As you know, I am a 25 year inspection veteran and have learned or relearned from this site.

A wonderful benefit is the talent that is available to answer technical questions. I cannot name all of the talent; it would be like doing an Academy awards acceptance speech.

One tip. Write your comments in Word then speeel check. It has saved my dumb *** more than once. Problem is does not catch poorly written sentences and I am guilty of that often.

Welcome Fred.

Welcome aboard Fred, looking forward to any insights you may be able to share

Welcome Fred.

Welcome Fred. I too just joined the organization and I’m already overwhelmed with the amount of information available on this site!

Welcome to Nachi.

Welcome Fred

Welcome Fred