Please join me in wishing CMI Larry Kage a happy birthday. Member for 10 years.

Happy birthday Larry.

Happy birthday Larry…

Thanks Michael, Mike, Jim and (glug, glug) Jeff. :smiley:

Happy Birthday Larry. I hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday Larry

man Larry is old…just sayin…

Happy birthday Larry.

Thanks, Jeff, Wayne and Michael.

It is better than the alternative, so far, Jim…:smiley:

Happy Birthday Larry…

Have a great day. :smiley:

Thanks, Kevin.

Happy Birthday & 10 year anniversary. (did you get a 10 year pin) I joined the same year (January 2004)

Thanks, David…it’s all good! :smiley:

David Macy writes:

Those were the days.

Happy Birthday my friend.

2004 was a great year.

10 years for me also Larry.

Let’s shoot for another 10. :):wink:

Happy BD Larry!! I’m glad you’re still hanging around on the message board.

Thanks, Marcel and Christopher.
Yes 2004 was a good time. :smiley:

Happy Birthday Larry.

Thanks, Michael.

It has been a pleasure sharing the forum with you all over the years. :shock::mrgreen::smiley: