Please join me in wishing CMI Robert Newland a happy birthday. Member for 9 years.

Happy birthday Robert.

Nice inspection website BTW:

Happy Birthday Robert HG Newland

Happy Birthday Robert.

Happy Birthday Robert. You made it! :mrgreen:

Happy B-Day Robert…9 years at Nachi and still going strong.

Happy Birthday.
Should gift you a HIP copy.:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Robert.

Have a great day!! :smiley:

Thanks Nick. (I noticed last week I had several issues to correct on it and after a couple of hours of edits, I got an error message when I tried to save :roll: Oh, well…)

Thanks L. HG D. :wink:

I could use another coaster :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)

Thanks Bob.

Happy Birthday Robert and congratulations. I hear Dom was sending you a copy of HIP as a present… :wink:

Happy Birthday Robert…

Happy Birthday Mr. Newland.

Happy Birthday Old Timer. ;):slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Robert.

Thanks Dom (and everyone) for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated

Happy B D