Please join me in wishing InterNACHI Co-Founder & CMI Joe Hagarty a happy birthday

To my former direct competitor, long-time supporter, and dear friend… Mr. Joseph Hagarty:

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Joe , Love your post’s Please keep up the good work… Roy

I remember back in Valley Forge (seems like 1,000 years ago) looking at Joe with wide eyes when we were told InterNACHI had topped 100 members. I replied to Joe “Uh oh, we might have to start taking this thing seriously.


Happy Birthday Joe.

Have a great day… :smiley:

Happy Birthday Joe…

Happy Birthday Joe!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday Joe.

Happy Birthday Joe!!! Hope you have many more!

Have a good one Joe!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Amazing how far we have come…
Remember adding the Singapore Chapter of several (up to 100 Members) in an overnight email conversation.

Our motivation, back in 2000, was all other Organizations (ASHI, NAHI, etc…) suggesting that we would never be successful…

Banned from All Home Inspection Forums at the time …

Threads repeatedly erased and/or locked if any mention of NACHI was posted…


The threat only incensed progress to improve and perform…
Is there any other Association now other than NACHI?

Thanks for all the Well Wishers…

You steamrolled the competition Joe. Thanks for all of your work to help grow this organization.

I hope you had a great birthday.