Please Keep My Friend in Your Prayers

I asked Nick about being able to post this here and received the Ok. A good friend of mine from college, Jennfier Andersen, has been missing since last Tuesday (3/9/10). The circumstances are still vague, but it sounds that she left her apartment in Omaha, NE early that morning without speaking to her parents, leaving everything behind (phone, purse, money, ID, etc.). There has been no activity on her credit cards, debit card, ATM. Her car was found yesterday down near the Missouri River in Omaha. Many of our common friends are searching for her tonight, hanging up posters, talking to people that live/work in that area. Being over 400 miles away, getting the word out is what I’m able to do right now. I know how great everyone is here, so if you are in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, please keep your eyes out for her. Obviously, due to it being a week later, we’re not sure if she’s still in that area or not. If you are not in that area, we’re all asking for prayers for her and her family.


Thank you all…

I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa just across the river from Omaha Nebraska
I read the paper every day and do not recall seeing any mention of her missing.
I do hope that everything turns out ok.

I’m not sure if the papers have picked it up yet. I believe Fox 42 and Channel 3 in Omaha will pick something up tonight (prob. 10 PM news)about the search/poster hanging that went on this evening.

Here was the original TV bit:


I posted the facebook link to my facebook status, That will broadcast to roughly 150 people and I see that some of them are already posting the same.

Thanks John, that’s all we can ask for right now.

I hope your friend is found soon…and safe…Casey.