Please make it Stop!

Three days ago it was 65 degrees and all the snow finally gone. Last night it started to snow, and this morning we have 12" of wet-sloppy-white snow. Seriously considering relocating!

Come to my hell hole where you never stop dripping sweat :slight_smile:

At least you don’t have to SHOVEL sweat!

Now there’s the “quote of the week”! :mrgreen:

If you can experience all 4 seasons in one week, you are in WV in March!

Then I guess this won’t make you feel any better…

Liquid Snow!!!:smiley:


I agree with you. Can someone please make it stop!:mad:

I love winter, snow, send it my way. (my favorite of the 4 seasons) I like when everyone bellyaches and beefs about it.

Best, Winter, Ever !!!

:smiley: I would rather do that than sweat in an attic. Sometimes I only have 1/2 my body in an attic hole and come down soaked. People always offer me drinks. You can always buy a snowblower. I cannot do nothing about the heat.

I’ll take the heat over the cold everyday.

Yep weatherman said you guys were getting hit .

Sunny and 50’s settling in at Chicago but this is the worst winter in history we are coming off of so be patient.

Not me I can always put on more of something or get electricity for heated clothes.

I cannot do anything reasonable for the heat. Once you are naked whats left. soak in a pool.

The have heated undergarments that ARE COMFORTABLE. The do not have non bulky comfortable cooling garments YET… The second they do if I can I’ll buy:D I ice vests and such just are way to bulky for what we do.

Hey Eric Van De Ven:

Showing that picture to us at this time is just mean, mean, mean.

Sunny and 58 now. Pretty nice considering.

Washed the car and it actually stayed clean all the way home.

Didn’t plow the driveway this last snow and its mostly gone now. I can also see all of my 16’ sailboat which is going in the water as soon as then ice melts.

Brought to you by the kind folks in Minnesota, one shovelful at a time. :smiley:

I use this and it works fine in attics and 110F heat index. A little bulk is a fair trade for feeling cooler. I still sweat a little, but I feel much cooler and I change my shirt after the attic and then feel great the rest of the inspection. I haven’t done a summer inspection without having two shirts in years. The vest makes it even better.

Sunny and 48 here today.

Finally, Spring is rolling around the corner. Been a long hard Winter here and expensive on heat. :slight_smile: