Please make Workscope usable for home inspectors

Will you guys at HomeGauge please make Workscope usable for home inspectors instead of contractors. It seems like it has a lot of potential to provide clients with cost to repair estimate, however since it only allows you to give an exact price, it has a tremendous amount of liability attached.

Here in Pennsylvania, if we provide cost to repair estimates, they must be stated as a range and we have to also provide the source. It would be real easy to load up the auto comments for Workscope with the prices from something like RS Means or Craftsman cost manuals if there was a way to add a low and a high price for each item.

Can you please add in the ability to choose whether to state the estimate as a single price (for contractors) or a range (for home inspectors)? It would make the software incredibly more useful instead of limiting this feature to contractors which I’m sure not to many use it in the first place.

That’s my thought as well, even doing probable costs on commercial you have to put a price and then explain a range of prices etc.

That would be a good idea

What does Workscope do for the inspector if a range was provided compared to the range feature for estimates that we already have?

Old argument: Many agents do not want the estimates to total because the buyer will automatically steer to the total amount. So our estimates feature that we have had for years does not total on purpose and provides a range in a softer way.

The Workscope feature was designed to give a total for actual quotes and the price can be removed to allow a work write-up for bids if a consultant was used and not the actual contractor.

Many of us who may use it, would not place the $ in the report, just the work scope, where IMO it would make more sense to have a range of fees, just like within the report. Same thinking, different place and use. I think it’s a great idea, IMO.