Please Mr. Obama, waste some more money

on this, it will be so much nicer for the Guantanimo prisoners,(oops,I mean guest) and safer for them too! :mad::roll::(:mad::roll:

So, we will spend and undisclosed amount of money that we don’t have, to buy a prison we do not need, to bring to our soil already detained prisoners which we don’t want here. Sounds perfect! :roll: Oh my, I forgot to create or save ± 3,000 Government jobs. (the last thing we need is more Gubment) It cannot get better!-X

Please take these topics to the correct forum.

Yes, even though this forum says:…

Misc. Discussion]( Discuss whatever you wish in this forum.

…many have agreed to post this type of thing, here, in this forum:

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And it is appreciated. Thank you.:smiley:

Why do we have to buy a prison we already own?

Larry, I believe those that agree to that are those who are afraid to post their opinions on the public side of the message board. If their customers knew what fools they were, they wouldn’t get another job.