Please Request Your Florida RE Sales & Broker Mailing List File Type

See method of delivery at bottom.

The following members wanted a single county, please respond to this thread with the county wanted and the method of delivery.
bhoagland, clambert2, edeandres, jshishilla, khunt, llosciale, mnieblas, sguardino

The following wanted several counties, please respond to this thread with the counties wanted and the method of delivery
**aboyer, dquigley, eaugustin, lspencer, mdevaughn, mnewell, phalstead, sdobson, whellner

The following wanted the entire state, please indicate the method of delivery
rhensel, staylor10

Method of delivery and a note of caution, county multiples and a statewide listing may be too big for Excel and/or MS Word, but I’ll let you know.

The file types are:
PDF, Ascii, MS Access, Excel, Comma Delimited, MS Word, Random Access, Mailing Label

Sorry to sandbag you but whereas nothing is free in this world I thought it would be helpful if the listings were provided as a method of raising funds for Nachi Nickels. Each certified 'Active" listing will cost you a donation of ONLY .005 cents, that is one half cent per listing or a paultry $5.00 per thousand, pretty cheap I think. I will let you know you potential burden based on your order beforehand and will only require a public pledge of support before sending the list or lists to you. Win, win for everyone. You can fulfill you pledge within 30 days.

Your responding to this post will not commit you to anything, once I know what areas you are considering I will let you know the total of the listings and their value. All requests should be fulfilled by me within 24 hours. If you wish to bow out jut give me the word, no hard feelings.

This was a bit of a project for me but results in quite a value for you take advantage of and a good cause to boot.

Bruce Gregory, InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503
Florida Home Inspector 1167, Florida Mold Assessor 450
“Age is a state of mind, however not yet a state of mine”. bg

Collier, Lee, and Charlotte please. PDF is fine!

Seminole, Orange,Lake,Volusia, and Brevard. PDF is fine. Thank you very much. A great way to generate funds for Nachi Nickles.

Thank you Bruce, as always moving us forward and making it better!

Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Gilchrist, Levy, Suwannee, Union. Comma Delimited is it will fit, PDF or Word if not. THANKS!!

DeSoto, Hardee, Charlotte, and Highlands would be nice in .PDF and .DOCX (or .DOC).

What will Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough run me in Excel?

Hi Bruce, thank you for this service. Please send Flagler, Volusia, St. Johns, Duval,Putnam and Clay counties. Do you have a method for acquiring insurance companies also?

PDF format is fine, thanks


Thanks, Bruce

Sarasota,Manatee and Charlotte

PDF would be great

You database for the above counties consists of about 17,600 listings as broken down below.

Your donation to Nachi Nickels would be approx $88

If this is ok, please email me separately with the OK to create your PDF to

Here is a breakdown for you:

RE Partnerships_______8
RE Branch Offices_____348
RE Corp____________ 1,844
Broker Sales_________ 2,094
Broker______________ 2,638
Sales Associate______12,685

Best regards,
Bruce G

Bruce, your efforts are extremely generous. THANK YOU so much for this and your personal donation of $100.00 to Nachi Nickels!!

I can provide listings for:

I would have to set them up by county as they are listed by name, addr, city, state, zip, but is is doable.


Seminole, Orange, Volusia, Lake counties please. Thank You

I have included a PDF link which is only a snippet of what Tom_K is getting. His file will contain 17,600 listings and be more than 500 pages long.

I had to put the link (see below) in the message because it was too large to include as a forum attachment.

This version I sorted by county and zip code. It is only two pages so you can get the idea, I had to do in landscape mode to fit all the fields.

I had a bear of a time with the Tallahassee clerical errors, so this has taken me a lot longer than I had planned. I also changed the ALL CAPS text provided by the STATE to proper case because it is much more professional looking if you use it in a mail piece so the all caps have been eliminated except for the first character of each word.

If anyone who has put in an order wishes to see this in a different format please let me know off forum at

Link to sample file:


Michael: Your file will contain 997 pages and 30,725 listings and your burden to Nachi Nickels will be $153.63

The file is already compiled and is about 5 megs and I can email it when I hear from you, write me off forum at

Thanks for your support,

Eric, I prepared both a dlm and a pdf for you, total pages in PDF was 302 and the total records were 9096, your burden to Nachi Nickels is: $45.48

let me know at

thanks for your support
Bruce g

Man what an AWESOME idea!

Bruce my hat is off to you, and people like you is what makes me LOVE NACHI…thanks a ton!

I would like Lee and Collier County. How are they broekn up? By county or alphabetically or both?

Kevin, there are 22420 records in the counties you included, your burden would be $111.20, I already compiled the Excel file and it is 6 megs.

if you decide to order please write me a

Hi Bruce What will nassau, clay, duval, st johns, and baker run in PDF also insurance for same? thanks

YES! I can get insurance licensee records (about 35000 of them) but I have to finish this NN task first.

Steve-your pdf contains 727 pages and 15427 records, you NN burden is $77.14

you my order your files by contacting me at

thanks for your support
Bruce g