Please Send Your Letters

I had the privilege of speaking with Larry Cerro in Tallahassee. We agree on one thing, SB 2234 is a bad bill. We have different reasons but both of us agree that this bill does nothing to protect the public. Larry asked me to get as many letters via e-mail to him and he will walk them straight to Tallahassee. The thing is we need many of them. I will take these letters and go to the media with the hopes of embarrassing Gov. Crist if he allows this meaningless legislation to pass. I cannot do this alone. Please help us with one last attempt at stopping this awful bill.
e-mail your letters to:
Larry Cerro at
We can stop this if we work together.

We are with you Paul, keep fighting!! We cannot stop, now is the time.

Larry Cerro wants NACHI out of business. He wants 5 years grandfathering, 200 hours of training, and indentured servitude. Two tier licensing.

You send Larry a letter your are feeding your kids to the wolf.

Those letters will never make it to Tallahassee except through a paper shredder.

Larry has been pushing ASHI legislation for years.

I spoke with the guy and he is agianst this bill. Right now we need to group together for the same cause even though we may not all have the same reasons. The guy wants to kill this bill and so do we. What harm would it do to work together on this issue?

He is against the bill. Why do you think Larry has anymore weight than the 800 lb gorrilla of NACHI. Paul do you want to organize the email/letter campaign? I would suggest you run with the ball vs. having a NACHI-Hater do it for you.

Don’t want to bust chops here, but we have a lot of NACHI members willing to do it if you can’t.


Thanks for the info.

Hey, no disrespect intended. I am on it. I am writing the Orlando Sentinel to see if I can get a response. What else can I do. I want to kill the bill as bad as all of you. If you give me direction I have a lot of passion and will be heard.
Here is my letter to the paper’s editor: Please direct all of your letters here also.
I know I have had several letter exchanges with you in the past. I may not agree with your paper most of the time but do read it because of local news. There is a proposed legislation attempting to regulate the home inspection industry in the state of Florida. All of us inspectors are for regulation but it needs to be fair and serve the purpose of protecting the general public. I reviewed the proposed legislation and found that it is grandfathering in all businesses 3 years of age or older. Those three years or under will need to take a course and exam. The problem most inspectors have with this bill is that:
It discriminates against businesses three years or younger with no real measure of ability or qualification.
It allows the grandfathered businesses to be automatically licensed without a measure of their ability or qualifications.
It sets a very low bar of regulation over all.
If this bill is designed to protect the public, why not test and qualify all businesses under the same criteria? How can I get Governor Crist’s attention. I have written letters upon letters and have not been able to get a direct response. Can you help with this. Can the Sentinel review this proposed legislation and report on the issue. I would appreciate your direct review of the bill and once you see for yourself how irrelevant this legislation is, maybe you could help bring it to the attention of our new governor. Many small businesses like mine that are new are being asked to spend time and money on proving our abilities while others will skate right through. The scary part is that you could have an inspector out there for 15 years doing it wrong for 15 years and not being challenged by this new proposed regulation. This does not protect the public in my view. I believe in my heart that your newspaper would want the best for your clients as do I. Please look into this. I believe there is only 13 days left before Gov. Crist will see this bill.

Paul J. Magrone & Karen A. Magrone
Home Inspections By Paul J. Magrone Inc.

Just my two cents worth! I know your state is allot bigger than NH but if you can get organized you should not only do the letter/email campaign but follow up with phone calls and if you can, go directly to the state house as a group and visit each Senator or Rep. and let them know how you feel.

We did this in NH and it has an impact, especially when the see a big 800 lb gorilla in person!!!


Two items:

  1. The bill has 13-12 days to pass through the commitees BEFORE it can be
    voted on in both chambers of the Florida Congress.

  2. Thank you for your diligence on this matter. However, you may be opening
    as “Can-of-Worms” by going to the media.

The general public does not care about our-side of the issue. By drawing a
spot-light on the issue, a back-lash from the general public for regulation
may occur.

Also, the letter appears “whiny” and by writting it in the first-person
(I…I…I) does not look good-at-all.

Paul, you may not like our opinion regarding 2), but it is for your betterment; none of us are here to pat each other on the *** like Baseball players everytime, either.

In conclusion, this year’s Bill is TOTAL GARBAGE. The Bill does not make
any sense whatsoever. AND VIOLATES the Sunrise Act.

In the event this Bill does pass, appropriate actions will be taken.