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How do we become authorized to perform Wind mitigation inspection in the state of florida. We are not a Building Contractor an according to the Website MSFH certification ended June 30, 2009 :mrgreen: direction that makes since is much appreciated!!!

For now, unless you are an Engineer, Architect, Contractor, Building Inspector, (and have taken Wind Mit for CEU ) or work for one of these and are My Safe Florida Certified - you can’t - not according to the States guidelines.

The numerous individual Insurance providers can still designate and accept any qualification they choose - but I would suggest having this approval from that Agency in writing.

Hello, I am a Florida Licensed General Contractor. I do Wind Mitigation Inspections in South Florida. I am willing to do them for your company starting at $80 on the East coast and $100 on the west Coast. I will always negotiate. I can do them for your clients and you can charge your customers what you see fit. I will invoice you directly and not collect payment from your customers unless you wish me to. I will always show up on time and treat your customers and their property with respect. The report will be typed and photos backing up my findings will be attached. The report will usually be emailed to you that night or the next night at the latest. If necessary because of time restrictions the form can be completed by hand on site. This is an excellent opportunity to add another service for your customers that you may not be allowed by the State to do yourself. Contact me anytime to discuss. I have plenty of references if needed. Join the growing number of home inspectors who use me to do their Wind Mitigation Inspections.

We got the regulation changed to add one more category, that being anyone approved by the insurance company. We are awaiting Citizen’s RFP to be released in June to bid on doing them all in FL and have developed online WMI training (already released) in preparation of pursuing future contracts.

Sounds great if you get Citizens most will follow. I recommend a lesson on how to fill out the form.

What is needed is a number to call from the State that will answer any questions we have when in the field.

Mr. Meeker, Get them while you can.

Get what? please explain.

does anyone in the orlando area do wind mitigation?

Hi Holly,

Call Mark Orman 407-629-6640