Please take this survey. It is fun and interesting.

NACHI member John Cahill created and is conducting this survey. Please help us by taking it:

Let me know when Fire Fox works I will not use MS Explorer.

Too slow to load on my system.

It doesn’t work with Safari either. Perhaps the author can make some adjustments to make it more browser-friendly.

It came up in just a few seconds on my computer and connection. I think sometimes it depends on where I am and how fast the connection speed is. Also, sometimes firewalls can interfere.

Too slow for me period. :slight_smile:

same here

Very interesting, its a good little survey with 45 graded severity of conditions defects typically found in homes. I took it - so now :wink: what did I win?

Hi to all,

I took it yesterday, its a good quiz, but I also found it a little “buggy” typical of Powerpoint to HTML/Flash applications. It also locked my PC up when I hit the submit button as it didn’t like the file size of the email it was trying to send.