Please Vote I need Help!!!

Hello to all fellow members,
I am asking for everyones help on this one. I have enter to win a backyard makeover and I am in the final 10. I need as many people as I can get to vote for my backyard picture to make the top 5. Here is how you can vote:


You can vote on both. My picture is the yard with the white stone and wood steps. Just click on my picture and like it to vote.

Thank You for all your help!!!
Phillip Castrine


I hope you get more help from these folks than I did when I asked for help.

All I got was grief.

I don’t see were you “liked” the photo with the white stone and wood steps that don’t have a handrail installed.

Well I did.

I Believe it was little white rocks and steps?

I hope that was the right one :slight_smile:

Someone please let me know if I was wrong and I will change it.




liked and commented on your yard (dont take offense)

no handrail, how about no steps out the other door?

Gotya on both!

You win, you buy!!!

Done. All in fun.

Hey, I’m the other contestant! Change your votes. :wink:

Just to make you feel better(cuz you did get a bunch of grief)…

Could someone explain why we would be voting to give a free backyard makeover to the wealthiest looking house?


Done on both.

Cuz that’s the way we roll! :smiley:

It shows up now. Guess it had to update.

Sorry I am voting for the little girl and dog. They deserve it more.


At least some of us :smiley:

Thanks to all who have voted!!! I built this house with my own blood, sweat, and tears. My back yard has looked like this for 7 years. This will be number eight because the economy went sour right after I built. Know I work to stay a float. Remember you can vote on both.
Thanks Again,
Phillip Castrine

Wasn’t that some great manipulation?!

That’s what you needed Phil, some sad and hungry looking kids moping around in your photo.