Plug-in remote distribution panel?

I have a subpanel that plugs into a 50 amp provided outlet for a generator. You unplug the panel to plug in the generator… They said the code enforcer had them do that. Thoughts?

Are you saying that the panel feeder is cord and plug connected when on utility power too?

There is an outlet hard wired from the main panel to an outlet off of a 50 amp breaker. The sub panel feed was literally a plug from the sub panel that plugged into this outlet. They would unplug it so they could feed the main panel from the generator… they said the “code guy” required it

A cord and plug connection of this type is not permitted by the NEC. A cord cannot be used as a substitute for fixed wiring.

What was the purpose of plugging the sub-panel in, when generator was not plugged in? As Robert said cord and plug can not be used in this situation.

That’s what I said - not that I am a code enforcer. The point was that the “code guy” told them that they had to have a “positive disconnect for the sub panel so that the main panel isn’t charged”… but if you unplug the sub panel and plug in the generator… then the main panel WILL be charged. They insisted this was the case. I marked it up anyways. Thanks for the input guys

The service panel would not be energized when plugged into the generator. The power source is coming in through the flex cord. All the emergency circuits are in the small panel. On utility power the receptacle feeds through the cord to those circuits. When the power goes out the cord is moved to the generator and the emergency circuits again have power.