I doubt that will ever be a electricians dream come true…do you?

Thanks joe how we move ahead new things all the time . Roy Cooke sr

Yes I do Material cost is not going up as fast as labour and save one minute per instualtion adds up . Roy Cooke sr

Hi to all,

I remember seeing these a while back, maybe on this site. Personaly I don’t like the idea of yet another connector in the system, and back stabbed outlets always seem problematical.




I’m on the same page as Gerry…trouble waiting to happen, my opinion anyway.

Gerry I go back to when we had no connectors and never want to be there again . 600 volts two types of tape the glyptol paint 120 volt solder all joints . Pot heads wipe with with solder after hours of splicing and taping… first marrs slot head stick the screw driver into hand . First type of threaded wire connector where porcelain hard to turn on. Bending tread conduit all match bends with the old 35 piece greenlee benders Hand threading three inch conduit , not many threads in a day .
Hand tapers on Transite pipe new nothing about asbestos .
Transformer oil in the fifties had PCBs who new what PCBs where . 25 cycle flourscent tubes where different then 60 cycle tubes . They had a piece of card board on the tube in so the flicker was not quite as noticeable .
Yes I can see they could be come popular.
Roy Cooke Sr

We never saw any issues with back stabbed receptacles that were commercial grade. Residential on the other hand was a different story.

Roy, I am far from being anyones Ludite and I a happy to acknowledge that current systems are for the most part a lot better than the ones they have replaced, my issue with these conections is that they add an extra potential weakness to the circuit, we all know that the wire (or pipe for that matter) that has no joints or splices is a lot less likely to be problematical.
You know as well as I do that these pigtails will end up being wire-nutted on to the conductors by less that skilled people then crammed back into a J box that is probably to small for the additional connectors.

Thats all, now I gotta go push some 5 year olds up chimneys :wink:



The connector type of joints seem to work OK in Cars they have hundreds of them and they are in a wet salt endowment for years.
I expect that if the quality is there they should work fine .
Roy Cooke Sr…

It is for me a issue of time…having to pigtail the receptacle eats up time…personally I am still one of those who does not mind backstabing 15A 14 AWG…never been a problem for me in over 18 years…yeah I hear this and that about backstabbing…but I dont have a problem with it…

Now of course I wrap 20A 12 AWG…but 14 AWG…nah…I dont worry nearly as much with todays good quality products.

BTW…their is no CODE violation in Back Stabbing a APPROVED 15A device listed for Back Stabbing…lol…a good ole’ anti-flame disclaimer…which usualy serves it well since it is EASY to comment unless you actually install about 200 of them a week…and if I did a scientific study…I probably have THOUSANDS out their working just fine…:slight_smile:

NOW…with that all SAID…they JUST might SAVE time if you pre-do the connection in the ROUGH IN…and can secure it back in the box well enough it does not get paint on it and the drywallers don’t MUCK it up…then it would probably save good time on the FINISH OUT…

BUT…I believe I will hold off on them just yet for my electrical contracting business…:slight_smile:

Roy, you hit the nail on the head for me, I grew up where “Lucas, Prince of Darkness” did most of the automobile wiring, anyone who ever owned a MGB or Triumph will know what I mean. :wink:



DUDE…you were one of those FEW that actually owned a MGB…no worries…my brother used to own a VEGA…

Not one of the better things to come out of the UK .
( your are OK Gerry ).

.Roy Cooke Sr…

Paul, my neighbor would not agree with you on the backstab. He just paid $200 to have one fixed. The receptacles in the back half of his house was out, traced to a receptacle that was backstabbed.

I had a 75 Monza (Vega in a sport jacket). It was a great car but this was after they started steel sleeving the cylinders. I had it retuned a little by some speed shop buddies (sorry EPA). It ran like a scalded dog.


One in HOW many we don't have any problems with a PROPERLY DONE backstab....:) and neither does the NEC...thehehe long as you did not also own a PACER we will let it slide...:)

Does a Gremlin count? Somebody abandoned one in my yard and I drove it for 2 years. I got $500 for it after that. That’s when I got the Monza.

BTW on the MG. I once heard it asked, why don’t British cars come with windshield wipers? … Because Lucas Ignition systems don’t work in the rain.

OMG…a Gremlin is WORSE…

That sounds about right to me Greg :mrgreen:

They don’t work to well in the dry either :wink:

In fact they don’t work 1/2 the time. Period.



I have also found bad specification plugs too that have gone bad.
They are top of the line seldom give a problem.

Roy Cooke sr

The Gremlin was an ugly som’ich but it really wasn’t that bad a car. It had a 25 gallon tank and got about 22-25 MPG. That was handy when the gas line was a half mile long. It was also the first car I owned with a fold down back seat. You could carry 10’ sticks of conduit with the hatch closed. The thing I liked the most about it was I got it for free. I used it like a work truck. An old girlfriend had it and burned out the clutch. It was towed from her apartment for bad tags and ended up in my yard for six months. One day she just came by and gave the the title. I threw a clutch in it and put about 50,000 miles on it.