or better yet…DIYer at Large…:slight_smile:

Neither…call Rube Goldberg, the undertaker.

That picture summed up the whole place quite nicely, well except for the termites, and the galvanised, rolled, flat, asphalt shingle roofing…that is.

The Saguaro were nice though:D

(8’) An Electrician that was drunk, blindfolded, and wanted to be a plumber?

hmmm…How about a Plumber that was drunk, blindfolded, and wanted to be a Electrician…damn Electrician haters…lol

Let me just say the concrete work at this property was excellent.

Yo Comprendo…

It isn’t pretty but other than the RX to the water heater (OK by some AHJs) and 2 missing covers it is probably code compliant.

There may not be many electricians on this board who would fit back there? Right Paul?



I would turn it down for the covers, no support on the romex leaving the round box, poor workmanship…yeah I would probably use that one…:slight_smile:

And no staples within 8 inches of those plastic boxes…and…DAMN I am glad I am not a AHJ full time…can you IMAGINE the death threats I would get…

Yup you are right about the “support”. I guess I am going soft. I really didn’t do much residential so all romex looks like that to me. I like pretty pipe.