plumber license information (posted by sylvia)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by sylvia (from oklahoma city, ok). [/ASKNACHI]I have a bathroom to remodel. the work will include correcting slow water pressure and possibly replacing water pipes. Is a licensed plumber needed to LEGALLY perform the plumbing part of the job? If so how do I determine exactly who has a valid, current plumbing license? I have been ripped off and lied to so many times I don’t trust anyone’s self-representation. I need proof! The workers’ license number does not appear in the phone book nor on the business cards I have seen. I have heard the number should be posted on their truck. This does not provide a feasible way for a prospective customer to get information! Please reply to and kindly do not reveal my identity to others. Thanks.

As to the legal need, you should contact your local (city or county) Department of Public Works and seek your answer. To ensure, and to have fully documented that the person doing the work is qualified, require that he obtain and show you a copy of his permit - issued by the authority having jurisdiction in your area - to do the work.

Some contractors have been known to charge the home owner for a permit and never obtain it, and simply pocket the cash. The owner thinks the work is permitted and okay with city hall, when it is not. Be sure you see the permit.

In Georgia most cities require plumbers, electricians… to have there license on file with there office in order to issue a permit. Check with your city planning department.