Plumber tries to slam a Home Inspector

I recently inspected a home and returned to it yesterday with the selling Realtor to resolve a insurance issue about Knob and tube wiring that I noted in the report. The owner of the home was there and the 3 of us were talking about my report when the owner stated that when she called a plumbing contractor to her home to make repairs that I had listed on the report whom BTW had only lived in the home since 2007.
The plumber asked the owner when he looked at my repair list did you not have a inspection when you purchased the home and she politely told him yes we did and the plumber stated well these repairs should have been reported at the time of your purchase and wanted to know who inspected the home for her. Seller States YOU DID:D:D:D:D:D

BTW I inspected the home that was being sold and the home the seller was buying that is called a two-fur-one;-)

LOL Got to love that one . Good for you Charley

Oh my! :wink:

That was awesome. :|.)

Dammit, that is hilarious----:lol: