Plumbing Code changes

Information for some of you HI’s of Maine.
Besides what I have found and posted below, I heard today from my Plumbing Subcontractor Plumbing Foreman on the job, that the Plumbing code update taken a week ago, no longer admitts or legally approve Mechanical Vents installed in lieu of the regular vent through roof vents.
It appears this applies to Renovation, New Residential or Commercial Projects.

Have any of you Plumbing HI’s heard anything to this affect.??

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Maine State Internal Plumbing Code
Clarifications on the Maine State Internal Plumbing Code
[INDENT]Below are some of the issues discussed at the April Plumbers’ Examining Board Meeting.
Metal pex fittings, non–metal valves in water distribution: Allowed if listed.
External tempering valves for instantaneous water heaters: Not required except for tankless water heaters.
Waterless urinals and the effect of the chemicals used: Allowed, but researching what chemicals are used in the process of eliminating the urine.
Dishwasher air-gap fittings will still be required or the alternate method of separate trap/trap arm and waste air gap fitting.
Clothes washer machine trap height from floor will stay the same as required in the code.
Size of shower stalls will be required to meet the code. Maximum water temperature of 140 degrees. 120 degrees maximum for tub/shower combination orshowers in all but single family residences.
Proposed changes to the 2000 plumbing code will need to be addressed through rulemaking.
All Mechanical Couplings within the building shall be shielded, no rubber coupling w/ ss clamp allowed within the building.