Plumbing from the garage floor drain???

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me why the plumber would have hooked the garage floor drain line up like this (at this angle with the riser sticking out beyond the existing riser)?

Julie And Alfred Scherer 123.JPG

?? They also used pvc fittings with abs pipe so you should check for the proper transition glue.

Because it was not done by a plumber harry home owner at his best

Yep I noticed that.

The owner seemed like an honest person and he claims a plumber did the work.

They had 3 fittings, it’s just how it worked out

That’s what I told my client it looked like! :slight_smile:

Same guy did the electrical conduit. :wink:

Yes I found two receptacles showing reveres polarity. The owner admitted to doing the wiring.

The glue set up too fast to angle the pipes right, and he forgot to cut the pipes to length, so that’s what he wound up with.

Improvise, compromise, utilize, and conquer! He got 'er done!! :|.)

I’m guessing he didn’t have another 45 degree fitting and the hardware store was about to close.