Plumbing or Washer

Quick questions or ya’ll. I’m not an appliance inspector, however, I have a dryer and washer section I set up in my reports for some obvious issues I find occasionally during my minimal testing of them. Say you have a standpipe length or diameter concern, would you put that in plumbing or in the washer section. Same for something like a sediment trap? I usually go to gas and fuel for that but have been considering changing it to dryer section for clients.

Look forward to how ya’ll organize somethings like this.

Brandon, I would put the standpipe in the plumbing section and the sediment trap in the gas and fuel section, when I was active…with pictures, of course, for clarity/identification.

Hi Brandon,
I do the same as Larry did. I also have an appliance section in my template that I only use if I am contracted to inspect appliances not permanently installed.

Brandon, just as an fyi, the phone number on your home page is not clear.
One can see the 651-964-, but the 9339 is hidden by the black stripe across the page.

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Thanks for the input! Yes I just came across that the other day and am working on fixing it. It does show up on some platforms, an iPhone but some tablets are seeing issues with it. Really appreciate you pointing that out though!


To help with this question in the future…
Do those items travel with the washer (or other appliance) when those appliances leave with the seller, or do they stay with the house??

That is a fantastic point! I’ll keep that in mind for the future!