plumbing question


How would you report on these two photos of the piping coming off two kitchen sinks and yes the caped wires were live. Thanks in advance for you help.

Barry Glickman
Bend Oregon



I wouldn’t spend too much time on this. There are so many problems.

Refer to qualified electrician for evaluation and repair.

If they ask why, show them the photo of the wires.

Refer to qualified plumber for evaluation and repair.

If they ask why explain that there are mixed plumbing systems that will likely result in leaks due to galvanic action of dissimilar metal as well as the other plumbing issues.

Looks like an ‘S’ trap…and an ‘R’ trap…and a XX double large trap…a bear trap…and I get dizzy looking at it!!!

Yep it’s traptastic alright. Or maybe that’s craptastic.

Well at least they didn’t use the PVC for the hot water line. That is of course if the hot is actually on the right side.

I think I see ABS coupled to PVC as well.

If the hot water is on the right side, then it’s on the wrong side, because the left side would be the right side.

Must be tired.:oops: Of course your correct.:slight_smile:

I agree!!! Good call Michael

The trap arm that enters below the upper trap, will siphon the upper trap as if it were a vent.

Both installations are a mess and the exposed conductors make it even worse.

Thank you so much for your quick resoponses. This was part of an eighteen unit apartment built in the late 1880’s. If you think the plumbing was bad, you sould see the electrical and the rest of the complex!


But Jeff, it all fits together:shock: so it has to work, doesn’t it?:wink:

I’m sure that’s what the homeowner was thinking when he installed it. . .