Plumbing stack boot

They missed nailing a spot. I’m writing it up as not well secured :slight_smile: (yes, I’m joking…)

27 unsealed nail heads, 27!

At least your’s had a Boot!

WOW :shock:

That’s funny. Nominee for defect of the month

At least yours had a stack! :mrgreen:

Thats funny right there I don’t care who you are

Good thing I didn’t grab my Coffee before looking at the InterNachi site again. LOL

That was on a completely remodeled home in Fort Lauderdale. They added a bathroom and it would appear they forgot to add the plumbing vent stack. They did have the boot though! They also forgot a bunch of other things, permits to be specific. Last I heard, the seller gave the buyer a hard time getting out of the contract, so, she informed the city about the work and lack of permits.