Plumbing Vent

This is an interesting plumbing vent to me. I call it the tortilla vent.
For me, this is too short much less than the required 6", plus it is partially closed thus not doing its job.
How would you report this?

I’d report basically what you said. Clean it up a little and that’s all you need.

IMO, you need to research what you see in that photo so you understand what you are looking at. As Chris inferred, it’s not as bad as you make it out to be, but you wouldn’t know that without full knowledge.

That looks like a repair for the flashing.

Unless someone was sitting on the roof, and just couldn’t finish the other half of the borrito…

hey hi there mikeeeeeeeeeeeee! :slight_smile:

should I recommend a plumber evaluation?
also if you zoom in, there is a fine crack between the tile and roof concrete filling the opening. This part of attic is inaccessible to inspect it from there