i sent some pm’s last night to some members asking for help on something, thank you anyway but it may be too late for me, i think i had stroke in my sleep and i can’t feel my right side arm, please forgive any typos, i only have 1 finger left and it is a left one at that. ha ha i’m sorry if i offended anyone. just in case this is my last post i will say goodbye now and i wish all of you good fortune and remember ‘‘It’s not what you believe that matters, it matters what you believe.’’
God bless everyone. Ken Lott ID 07012215 Member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Member IAC2 P.S. Big thanks to Nick Gromicko for the opportunity to join the biggest. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I am sorry to hear that you had a stroke. I hope that you are on your way to the hospital.

Poor guy has been so unfortunate since comming here. Maybe all the stress just got to him. Good luck Ken.

Gee if I had a stroke I expect I would be in the hospital not taking time to type here .
One finger and he did manage to get a capital letter in too ?

Let me know if you still want that info you asked for. I’ve got 4 draws to do today and I can get you that info later today.

But see, just goes to show you where his heart is at.

Hey Ken, are you selling off any of your equipment, accounts, sticky note pads ?

Usually with a stroke its something that is wrong in the brain, hope you get it fixed.


Man you guys are cold blooded!!!

I was thinking though, lets start an over/under bet to see how long it takes him to post again…lets set the bar at 3 days…I will say under.


I just called Ken. They don’t know for sure what the problem is yet. it may have been a stroke or may be a pinched nerve. His arm is paralyzed and they are looking for a nerve Dr.

I hope all is well Ken.

As for the rest of you…:twisted:

If you are BSing us all Ken…You suck.

thanks greg, i see now why you made member of the year, after the ugly remarks i made to you, you are big enough to wish me well.

why would anyone bs about being paralyzed, i wish i was, then i could jump up and yell just kidding. you can call dr. stephen tarazka- 770 267-4455 or chris clack or charlie - trinity inspection service or john kwasnik carson dunlap, and ask them if i am bs ing

you win

Congrats Greg. I didn’t know and apologize for not recognizing you. Well done and well deserved.

american keyboards have a caps lock feature.

i well tell my wife to call you.

thanks anyway linas.

Get better soon Ken. Hopefully it is just a pinched nerve. They can fix that.


Laughter is the best medicine. There are some funny posts here.

Get well soon.

The past is gone lets look to the future all the best Ken .
Get well and come on Back aboard soon.

thank you for the call henry that meant a lot, as far as the red squares you got for asking about my condition consider the source and be glad you are not like them.