Pocket Face Masks?

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for an easy to carry, face mask. The N95 ones seem to manage to get dirt inside (the face side) when I pop them on and off, and toss them in my pocket. I heard there were folding ones, which the inside stays clean.

Can anyone recommend one?



I use a respirator I bought at Sutherlands, as the paper ones do a poor job (hence the dirt) and they fog up my glasses(which is a serious hinderance when looking for things).


recently found these “Neomask” products. Bought one to try out because I am doing a lot of mold infested homes slated for demolition. Works like a charm. I can’t even smell the mold or filth left behind from the storm damaged properties. Lightweight and folds nicely. Maybe can’t put in my pocket but dang close. Filters are cheap and last months. Made in the U.K. Hope this helps.