PocketINSPECT for InterNACHI

PocketINSPECT is now available exclusively for InterNACHI members who want to:

  • have a future-proofed, smartphone-friendly, QR-capable web presence

  • Prospect and generate leads more effectively and efficiently

  • Have access to features that assist in maintaining long-term relationships with clients and generating on-going referrals from them

  • choose whether or not you’d like to monetize your extended relationship with clients by providing free or fee-based home maintenance advisory services (HMAS). Monetization of HMAS can also pay for your PocketINSPECT subscription. This features is also part of a marketing program that we provide in order to assist you in generating income from secondary “home maintenance inspections” with every client, past and present.

Two versions of PocketINSPECT are now available:

  • PROFESSIONAL version containing all of the features mentioned above

  • BASIC version that has fewer features and lower subscription price-point for inspectors who just want a feature-rich, smartphone-friendly website

Documentation: Learn More

A printable PDF document and YouTube video (link) are available at http://www.pocketinspect.com/about/inspectors/

The document is a cut-and-dry explanation of the features. The 21-minute video takes you through each feature, on-screen, and explains their application and use in the real world.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.


Robert Humphries
(404) 729-1007 Direct

Has anyone compared the Pocket Inspect to the tap inspect app for ease of use? The pocket inspect is cheaper but cant find the video to see how the screens apperar. Another question is can you print reports from the tap inspect report app.

Two completely different things.

I think Tap Inspect is great. Try it free by signing up and you can see the PDFs etc.

PocketInspect is a marketing tool.

Thanks Hugo. The PocketInspect name was confusing a lot of people, so it has been changed to PocketHM (Pocket Home Maintenance) if you are looking for the original tool. Though PocketInspect is still online, user were converted over. Too many people were emailing me and asking about how it compared to other inspection reporting software ~ LOL.