Hey y’all,

If we were to, say, put out a monthly InterNACHI podcast, what would you like to hear us talk about? Nothing is set in stone, but I’m putting out some feelers…


ME :slight_smile:

Really it would have to be things we could visualize while driving and doing stuff.

I would absolutely be interested! I have plenty of drive time that needs filling, and I am tired of classic rock.

Anybody know of any other audio resources out there that may be of interest?

Here are some free IR teachings I have created on podcast…

A wide variety of things.

The problem with Preston’s podcast, while awesome in concept, is he just asks everyone the same exact questions, with often getting similar or the same answers, and after a while, all his podcasts sound the same.

Devote some podcasts on marketing, some on technical stuff, interviews, mix it up!

Who is Preston and where are his podcast?


Ian just dropped a gold nugget right there :wink: