Poetic Promotion for Canadian inspectors

CanNachi…I’m a believer!..

CanNachi, CanNachi; watch us as we build.

An entity from coast to coast; our rolls will soon be filled.

Influencing a nation by the courses that we teach;

Superior education for the members that we reach.

They say that only time will tell, concerning our success;

But they don’t know they’re dealing with the nations very best.

If you’ve a mind to move ahead, and do not mind the heat;

Then join CanNachi, help us prove we are the WORLD’S ELITE!


No more rhymes,and I mean it!
Anybody want a peanut?

Sheesh!..There’s always a wiseguy in the crowd.
Unfortunately, they are always loud!
Especially when they work in Barrie;
Where home inspectors are often scary!

                 I hope my poems don't offend,
                 'cause I can;t rhyme; I just pretend!

                 Ha Ha Ha and Ho Ho Ho; Merry Christmas to one and all!


Seriously though. Have you ever thought of entering the Annual CanNachi Poetry contest?..

            Your stuff is bad, but I won't trash you.
            I'll be nice.......... You want a cashew?

good job harold keepem coming.

I can say it, I have the guts!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Please remove or edit this… it does not rhyme.
You can do it, just take the time.:mrgreen::mrgreen:


Come on guys!

This is getting sickening.

Your brain fat must be thickening!

Enough is enough!

This rhyming is too tough.

I’ve had my fill, so take a pill…chill! :D:roll::D:roll::smiley:

ah the most enjoyed thread- sorry can ryhme

Awsome job guys keep it up

Thanks for the enlightened thread,
Before I read it I guess I was dead,
And then it all went to my head,
Oh, God… it’s time for bed.
But wait…if it’s not too late,
let’s get something straight.
Indeed CanNachi’s fate
right out of the gate
will be great!
So, I can say it loud
that I’m so very proud
to stand out in the crowd!:wink:


I simply don’t know what to say.
This thread should now be put away.
The message shared has been quite clear.
CanNachi’s being born next year!..Look out Canada!

Speaking as one
who always makes time
for a little fun
but has trouble with rhyme;
This thread is quite catchy
even stooping to pun
with cadence sublime;

( my head hurts :shock: )

George; I think your head should hurt, after that one…


God help me…You’re not in touch! :D:D:D:D:D

That was “Pantoum” style verse . . . . I think. ](*,)

That was “Pantoum” style verse . . . . I think.
and as a poem it really stinks

David, David, you’re the best;

except for me, I must confess.

About " pantoum ", I’m unaware,

but then again; who really cares?

Inspectors really shouldn’t rhyme.

They’ve better ways to spend their time.

Inspecting homes and making money,

Outdoes rhymes and being funny.

No more poetry;no more rhymes,

I’ve had enough, I don’t have time!

Poetic philistines
there are a-plenty
who judge the rhymes
of authors here
opinions not worth a cent-y :shock::stuck_out_tongue:
with words they smear
those ignoranti !

George, I don’t want to even try it,

I must admit; you are a riot!

There was a young man from oshawa
who … Um… Ah … Er …

Darn! Can’t think of a word thay rhymes with oshawa.
You win!

There was a young man from Oshawa,
Who said, oh my my, look how posh you ah.
Your suit is so fine, and you look quite divine,
but I couldn’t be sure, but by gosh you ah!

Na Na Na Na Na…