Polaris water heater for furnace?

Ran into a beast today that is not common in this area.

Gas fired water heater mounted on a pedestal type stand with cover plate to the combustion blower. This stand had operational green and red lights burning when in operation supplying a max of 180 degree water to a coil mounted in the return air side of a forced air blower.

The brand name was Polaris has anyone any experience with this brand name of a unit.

Does this help?

Ultra-efficient heaters. With thermal efficiencies of 94 percent, these water heaters by far outperform the competition (Figure 1). They use power burners and enhanced heat exchangers to force hot combustion gases into chambers and tubes that are submerged in the stored water. Ultra-efficient water heaters are vented with plastic pipes that go directly through an outside wall. Because they draw combustion air directly from outside, through one of those pipes, their combustion processes are sealed off from the occupied space. That makes them safer than other gas water heaters (which, on rare occasions, may leak harmful fumes).

Figure 1: Polaris® water heater
The Polaris® water heater features one of the highest thermal efficiencies: 94 percent. The high efficiency of this unit is achieved by the additional coiled heat-exchange surface, shown here.
Source: American Water Heater Co.
Tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters, sized for both residential and commercial use, provide hot water without using a storage tank. They don’t suffer standby losses and so have much higher energy factors than conventional units. See “Purchasing Advisor: Tankless Water Heaters” for details.

Installation manual:


Thanks Thats it to a Tee kinda looks like an oversized propane tank.