Political Crap


[size=2]Here is a thought as many here have asked that political discussion be held in the not for everyone thread I am going to post this. And for those that feel the same way as I do, please bump this post when a political thread is posted here. Then we can kina get a fell where members stand on political discussion on the message board. :mrgreen:[/size]


INACHI supports and encourages “Political Crap” in sections other than the Not for Everyone area. I suspect you will be hard pressed to get folks to comply but it’s worth a try I suppose.

I know Michael but we will see, and as you may already know, I am very easily amused. :smiley:

I have found out/been told I suffer from Dick Fingers, ie when I post I come off as a Dick. I am currently investigating some sort of cream or salve to help with my affliction. :frowning:

I beileve that if we had these heated discussions in person over a meal/beverage/fishing hole we would have more in common than not. The political discussions here though, on the message board seem to divide us more, and more.

John O…what was your infamous affliction from long ago??..“Tourette’s Finger” or something like that? :smiley:

I seem to recall that…

Good idea.

Will you rub it on the monitor’s screen? :smiley:

Yes, thats it. Self diagnosed, I might add. :wink:

FFFFFFF I FFFFFF seam to be FFFFFFF suffering from the same FFFFFFF affliction :wink:

FFFFing Gerry

And I thought it was just because you were British…:wink:



OMG I forgot how funny some of the guys here can be,I wish some of those guys would post on this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Only for three of them as I now know… :twisted::D:p

Besides… it was mistaken identity I’m sure! :slight_smile:


Nick likes to make political comments on the misc section. I have
no problem with him, or anyone, making political comments on
this thread.

You’re in the minority (so is Nick)


Obama is getting blasted for speaking to school children. Some schools are going to censor/ommit/revue prior to allowing our sensitive youth to view his comments and observations. Do you think that school boards and local jurisdictions should have the right to not allow the President of the United States to hold the citizenrys youth as a captive audience for a public address? You wanted Political HAVE AT IT. P.S. I hate OBAMA.

Sorry, guys, but the racism, hatred, intolerance and ignorance that is displayed on the NACHI message board is not “politics”.

To encourage these delusional idiots to expose their twisted and business destroying views to the public-at-large through the power of Google is unfair…or ingenius. I have yet to decide.

Well James, exposure doesn’t seem to be hurting you, so why should the rest of us be worried? :smiley: